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Wondrium is an engaging and comprehensive online learning platform that offers a vast library of video and audio courses, covering a wide range of topics from history to science, art to mathematics, and everything in between. Formerly known as The Great Courses Plus, Wondrium has rebranded and expanded its content offerings to provide an even more diverse and enriching educational experience.

Quick Summary

You will learn:

  • What Wondrium platform is, including its features and benefits
  • Who can benefit from Wondrium courses
  • How Wondrium makes learning engaging and entertaining through its lecture format
  • About the pricing structure and different subscription options for Wondrium
  • About the devices compatible with Wondrium
  • Which subjects Wondrium courses cover
  • About the best Wondrium courses, including top courses on mythology and ancient history
  • Which platforms Wondrium includes
  • What Wondrium Magazine is
  • About Wondrium’s audio streaming service
  • Whether Wondrium is worth it


  • Offers a virtually endless catalog of content, with new online courses added regularly​​.
  • Ideal platform for lifelong learners wanting to gain an understanding of any field​​.
  • History and Literature enthusiasts will find an abundance of resources, even on harder-to-find topics like Mythology​​.
  • High production quality — videos are shot in HD, and audio is clear throughout each course​​.
  • Every instructor has been vetted by accredited institutions, ensuring they are knowledgeable​​.
  • Video instruction is clear and informative​​.
  • Provides a wide array of videos and resources that cover various subjects and topics​​.
  • Offers a good mixture of educational video formats, from full courses to shorts​​.
  • Resources are professionally produced and well-polished​.
  • Full courses come with in-depth textbooks, suggested readings, and practice materials​​.
  • Good amount of material for homeschooling middle and high school students.


  • Compared with other subscription services, Wondrium can be perceived as pricey, even though it is cheaper than platforms such as Udemy or premium online courses​​.
  • Some users have reported technical issues on apps; streaming via Google Chromecast is not yet seamless​.
  • While great for a broad overview of topics like history and literature, it’s not ideal for precise skill learning, as it does not offer detailed instruction like Skillshare or Udemy​​.

Are you looking for an online platform with top-notch history courses, mythology, and writing?

Look no further than Wondrium!

I’ve been taking advantage of this amazing resource since it first launched nearly two years ago.

After trying out various other platforms as well — The Great Courses included — my Wondrium reviews is clear: there’s simply nothing like Wondrium when it comes to quality learning experiences.

But why exactly should you choose this learning platform among the competition?

Is Wondrium worth it at all?

In this comprehensive Wondrium review, we’ll cover the platform’s cost structure and main features before diving into a list of engaging mythology and ancient history Wondrium courses that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these and many more topics.

Finally, so that you can make up your mind easily, let me sum things up by listing all the features and benefits associated with using Wondrium!

Wondrium Features & Benefits

  1. Huge course library — More than 8000 courses are available for you to discover with subjects including math, business, music, fine arts, and more, easily accessible on popular streaming devices like Apple TV. Learn on the go and fit education into your busy schedule!
  2. Guidebooks — Free PDF guidebook comes with every course for you to recap what you’ve watched quickly.
  3. Flexible learning — Customize your schedule, save courses to your watchlist, and watch lectures from any device at your own pace in your own time.
  4. World-class professors – Get access to the best educators in their respective fields.
  5. Unique content – Enjoy exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else!
  6. Save money – With a subscription, save time and money on educational materials.
  7. Repeat viewing — Watch your favorite courses as many times as desired for deeper comprehension.
  8. Global perspective — Learn about different cultures and topics around the world with ease.
  9. Personal growth — Become more knowledgeable overall by broadening horizons across multiple subjects.
  10. Specific knowledge base — Gain expertise quickly on almost anything that interests you or is related to career goals.
  11. Bragging rights — Wow friends and family members by showing off new knowledge!
  12. Convenience factor — No need for classrooms or textbooks when it comes to learning anymore; everything is available at your fingertips!

What Is Wondrium?

Wondrium homepage

Wondrium is the ultimate subscription platform for life-long learners, delivering a wide range of educational materials at an unbeatable price.

It was originally called The Great Courses Plus and only featured content from that company alone.

But in 2021, they teamed up with Magellan, Craftsy, and Kino Lorber to create something even bigger — Wondrium!

Now you can access these incredible sources all on one convenient site without breaking your budget or sacrificing quality learning opportunities.

So, get ready to explore new subjects like never before, thanks to this amazing resource made for passionate students!

Now, continue reading our Wondrium review to learn more about the pros and cons of the platform, its subscription model, and much more.

Who Would Benefit From Wondrium?

Wondrium is the perfect solution for people who want to learn more, but don’t have time to search in libraries or watch long lectures on YouTube.

With exclusive content and interactive features, Wondrium makes learning fun again!

Its membership service provides engaging audio and video lectures from renowned professors as well as digital guidebooks, a quarterly magazine, and so much more — everything you need if you love to learn.

Can Lectures Actually Be Fun?

All the courses on Wondrium are designed more like lecture series.

If you’re not a big fan of lectures, you might be asking yourself: “Are Wondrium lectures boring?”

Let me tell you: Not at all!

Personally, I find them incredibly engaging and informative.

Lectures from Wondrium are especially noteworthy as they’re created by top university professors, researchers, and experts in the field — not just anyone like you might see on YouTube or other subscription platforms.

Plus, each lecture has plenty of visuals and vocal variety to keep me listening intently throughout the whole session!

How Much Does Wondrium Cost?

Wondrium cost

Wondrium offers a free trial, so you can try before you buy — and see if it’s right for your needs.

If, after checking out all that Wondrium has to offer, you’re convinced this is what will help take your productivity up a notch, then signing up couldn’t be easier!

The pricing options the platform offers are quite flexible, and you can save by opting for the quarterly or annual plan:

Monthly plan: $20 per month

Quarterly plan: $15 per month (Save $5)

Annual plan: 12.50 per month (Save $7.50)

You can choose from monthly ($20/month), quarterly ($15/month), or annual subscription plans (for just $12.50 per month!) and get started on improving your life by binge-learning new things each day.

But don’t worry – should things not go as planned during the trial period, canceling at any point is easy too!

Platforms Compatible with Wondrium (Wondrium Apps)

The platform and apps are conveniently available on multiple devices, including:

  • Web browser
  • Android app
  • iOS app
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Amazon Kindle app
  • Amazon Fire TV

What Subjects Does Wondrium Cover?

Wondrium courses

Wondrium covers a wide variety of topics.

Here are some of them:

  • Art — explore creative expression and visual culture.
  • Business and Finance — learn everything about commerce, investments, and money management.
  • Food and Drink — discover recipes from around the globe and information on food-related trends.
  • Health and Mindfulness — learn about mental well-being, physical health practices, nutrition advice, etc.
  • History — gain insight into major events that have shaped our past.
  • Hobby and Personal Pursuits — pursue personal interests such as sports or photography in more depth.
  • Literature — dive deeper into classic works and contemporary writing.
  • Music — gain knowledge of musical styles, both old and new.
  • Philosophy and Religion — examine religious texts alongside philosophical theories.
  • Math — explore mathematical concepts used in everyday life
  • Science — discover scientific principles through demonstrations, experiments, and research activities.
  • Travel and Cultures — learn about different cultures by exploring their customs, traditions, language, cuisine, literature, and music.

Best Wondrium Courses

Wondrium is a platform that particularly excels at providing great mythology and ancient history online courses.

Let’s start with mythology courses:

Best Mythology Courses:

  1. Great Mythologies of the World – This course delves into the rich and diverse mythologies of various cultures from around the globe. Taught by a team of expert professors specializing in mythology and comparative religion, the course offers insights into the stories, beliefs, and themes that have shaped the world’s mythological traditions.
  2. King Arthur: History and Legend – This course delves into the fascinating world of Arthurian legend and its historical origins. Taught by Professor Dorsey Armstrong, an expert in medieval literature and Arthurian studies, the course offers an in-depth exploration of the stories, characters, and themes surrounding King Arthur, examining how the legend has evolved over time and across cultures.
  3. Myth in Human History – This course explores the role of myths and myth-making in human societies across time and cultures. Taught by Professor Grant L. Voth, an expert in comparative mythology and world literature, the course delves into the stories, themes, and functions of myths, offering insights into the ways in which they have shaped human understanding, values, and beliefs.
  4. Joseph Campbell and The Power Of Myth – This course delves into the work of the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell and his groundbreaking insights into the role of myth in human culture. The course is based on the famous conversations between Campbell and journalist Bill Moyers, originally recorded as a television series in 1988. It explores Campbell’s ideas on the functions, meanings, and psychological impact of myths.
  5. Norse mythology – This course delves into the captivating world of myths and legends from the ancient Norse and Germanic cultures. Taught by an expert in Scandinavian studies and mythology, the course explores the stories, characters, and themes of Norse mythology, offering insights into the beliefs, values, and worldviews of the Norse people.
  6. Sacred Texts Of The World – This course explores the religious scriptures and sacred writings of various faiths from around the globe. Taught by Professor Grant L. Voth, an expert in world literature and religious studies, the course offers insights into the content, historical context, and spiritual significance of these texts, revealing their influence on the beliefs, practices, and values of their respective religious traditions.

Best Courses on Ancient History:

Exploring the depths of ancient history is a captivating endeavor, especially for authors seeking inspiration or research material.

With so many courses to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options.

However, I’ve managed to select 14 that are particularly noteworthy and worth considering.

  1. Big History of Civilizations – Big History of Civilizations is an engaging and comprehensive exploration of the world’s civilizations from their origins to the present day. The course is led by a team of expert historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists who take you on a journey through time, examining the critical events, cultures, and innovations that shaped human history.
  2. The Foundations of Western Civilization – The Foundations of Western Civilization is an in-depth and engaging course that explores the key events, ideas, and figures that have shaped the development of Western civilization from its earliest beginnings to the modern era. Led by Professor Thomas F.X. Noble, an expert in European history, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of the cultural, political, and intellectual heritage of the Western world.
  3. The Foundations of Eastern Civilization – The Foundations of Eastern Civilization is a captivating and comprehensive course that delves into the history, culture, and development of Eastern civilizations, spanning from their earliest beginnings to the modern era. Taught by Professor Craig G. Benjamin, an expert in world history and Eastern civilizations, the course aims to provide a thorough understanding of the cultural, political, and intellectual heritage of the Eastern world.
  4. The Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations – The origins of Great Ancient Civilizations is a fascinating and comprehensive course that examines the early stages and development of some of the world’s most significant ancient civilizations. The course is led by Professor Kenneth W. Harl, an expert in ancient history and archaeology, who guides you through a captivating journey into the past, exploring the unique characteristics, achievements, and lasting legacies of these civilizations.
  5. History of The Ancient World – History of the Ancient World is an enthralling and comprehensive course that delves into the fascinating history of ancient civilizations across the globe. Taught by a team of expert historians and archaeologists, the course offers a deep exploration of the political, cultural, and social developments that shaped the world from the earliest human societies to the end of antiquity.
  6. Other Side of History – Other Side of History is an immersive and insightful course that takes you on a journey to explore the daily lives of ordinary people throughout history. Taught by Professor Robert Garland, an expert in ancient history and classical studies, the course provides a unique perspective on the past by focusing on the experiences of common individuals rather than the great events, rulers, or intellectuals.
  7. The Greek World – As you might guess by the title alone, this course focuses primarily upon Hellenic civilization, where we learn how vast an effect it had on forming modern Western society.
  8. The Roman Empire – This comprehensive course delves into the fascinating history, culture, and politics of one of the most influential civilizations in world history. Taught by Professor Gregory S. Aldrete, an expert in ancient history and Roman studies, the course offers an in-depth exploration of the rise, peak, and eventual fall of the Roman Empire, as well as its lasting impact on the world.
  9. The Celtic World – The Celtic world offers a remarkable glimpse into the vast yet mysterious civilization that spanned across Europe for centuries, with ingrained influences still present today in Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. This long-standing cultural group’s impact can be seen through their contributions to artistry, such as painting or sculpting pieces of work from various mediums.
  10. The Pagan World – This course provides an insightful exploration of the pagan beliefs that predated Christianity in Europe. Discover what life was like before this significant religious shift.
  11. History of Ancient Egypt – The Ancient Egyptians are among the most studied of all ancient civilizations. They flourished in Egypt for thousands of years, and this course will explore their history, culture, and legacy. It is designed to be accessible to those who have no prior knowledge about them but still provide an engaging insight into one of humanity’s oldest societies.
  12. Ancient Mesopotamia – Ancient Mesopotamia is the oldest documented civilization in history. Its people were pioneers of many innovations, including writing and mathematics, as well as art and storytelling. This course covers all aspects of this ancient culture to provide a better understanding for those who are interested in learning more about it.
  13. Ancient Civilizations of North America – Ancient Civilizations of North America is an engaging and in-depth course course that delves into the rich history and cultural developments of the indigenous peoples who inhabited North America before European contact. Led by Professor Edwin Barnhart, an expert in archaeology and ancient American civilizations, the course offers a deep exploration of the diverse societies that thrived across the continent, their unique achievements, and their lasting legacies.
  14. The World of Biblical Israel – The World of Biblical Israel is the course that explores the history, culture, and context of the ancient Israelites and their neighbors in the Eastern Mediterranean. Taught by Professor Cynthia R. Chapman, an expert in Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern studies, the course delves into the complex world of the biblical Israelites, offering insights into their daily lives, religious beliefs, and relationships with neighboring cultures.

What Mini Platforms Does Wondrium Offer?

Wondium platforms

Wondrium is an amalgamation of various platforms.

Initially, The Great Courses Plus was the sole provider.

However, they rebranded to Wondrium and then collaborated with several other services to create the definitive platform.

This union has created one comprehensive resource that offers users limitless possibilities and access to knowledge from all corners of life’s many fields.

Wondrium includes such platforms:

Wondrium Originals

The Great Courses

Kino Lorber



Intelligence2 Debates


Abacus Media Rights

Quiver Entertainment

Giant Pictures

ROCO Films

What Is Wondrium Magazine?

Wondrium Magazine is a must-have resource for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest scientific findings and advancements.

This magazine is published quarterly and provides an insightful, comprehensive look at the stories behind the scenes.

The content is interesting, informative, and presented in a way that allows readers to understand what they need without being overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

Not only will you find great information about upcoming courses but also fascinating insights into their development — making this publication incredibly valuable for anyone interested or curious about any subject matter it covers!

What Is Wondrium Audio Streaming Service?

Wondrium audio streaming service screenshot 1
Wondrium audio streaming service screenshot 2

Wondrium offers on-the-go learning with its mobile apps, allowing users to take their education wherever they are.

Whether it’s history or mathematics that you want to explore — Wondrium has a variety of subjects available for all levels.

Additionally, audio streaming is offered as an alternative if watching videos isn’t possible in the current situation!

With this convenient service at your fingertips, keeping up with life’s challenges becomes much easier no matter where you may be traveling or commuting.


Yes, The Great Courses rebranded to Wondrium in 2021, so basically, it’s the same platform.

Yes, Wondrium includes all the content from The Great Courses and much more.

No, Wondrium doesn’t have a free version. However, you can use their 14-day free trial to try out the platform and see if you really like it. 

Wondrium can be used on up to 10 devices and can support up to five simultaneous streams.

Wondrium Review – Conclusion

With a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities, Wondrium stands as an ideal platform for life-long learners or those with a passion for mythology and history.

This site offers courses that can’t be found anywhere else, providing you with the opportunity to explore new topics you may have never considered before.

However, if you are looking for more options or specialized skill sets, then SkillShare might offer better alternatives; both platforms provide different course selections, so using them together would give you maximum exposure when it comes to developing your expertise further than any single provider could do alone.

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