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Alex Vorobiov
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Platform score:

9.3 / 10

Educative.io is an online platform for software developers, offering interactive, text-based courses in programming, web development, data science, and more. Students can learn and practice skills directly in their browsers without additional setup. With a diverse course library created by industry experts, Educative.io ensures relevant and up-to-date content for technology professionals.

Quick Summary

You will learn:

  • What Educative.io is
  • Who can find value in the platform
  • About the structure and content coverage of the platform
  • What are the features and benefits of Educative.io
  • About the pricing options for individual and enterprise users
  • If there are free courses on Educative.io
  • If students like the platform
  • If Educative.io Enterprise is good for business owners
  • Which alternative e-learning platforms you could consider
  • Whether Educative.io is worth it


  • Free courses and a free trial available.  
  • Preconfigured coding environments for easy access to tutorials.
  • New content released every week with early access options depending on the plan chosen. 
  • Interactive learning experience with highlights, notes, and more!                  
  • Quizzes, challenges, and playgrounds included in each course for skill assessment. 


  • No video tutorials — not ideal for visual learners.
  • Non-accredited courses but completion certificates are provided upon request.
  • Expensive monthly plan at $59 per month compared to the 1 or 2-year plans.

Since I love to learn, I’m constantly searching for innovative and intriguing methods to advance my knowledge and abilities.

Online education has been a great resource of mine — I’ve taken various online courses, such as coding classes from online learning platforms like Pluralsight, Datacamp, and Udacity — they were all awesome experiences!

But then one day, while searching around online for some interesting ways to improve my coding skills… I found Educative.io!

In this article, I’m going to explain why Educative.io is such a fantastic location to learn how to code, regardless of how experienced you are with programming.

What is Educative.io?

Educative.io homepage

So, what is Educative.io?

Educative.io is an online learning platform that offers interactive text-based courses (yeah, it’s not about watching videos) to help you prepare for coding interviews and learn essential technologies as well as new concepts, all in one place!

The platform is built in a way that fits individuals of different skill levels, from beginners coders to seasoned software developers.

With affordable subscription plans, you can access every course on the platform — which makes it great for software engineers and programmers who want to stay up-to-date with new tech developments.

The platform also boasts one feature I personally like a lot — an in-browser terminal that lets you type code directly into the platform’s browser window, allowing you to easily get stuck into multiple different topics at once without ever leaving the site and without needing to download anything extra (especially cool if you’re just starting out your journey as a programmer).

That’s, I think, what really separates Educative.io from other free resources or competitors out there!

Who is Educative.io for?

Educative.io is a great learning platform for software engineers, programmers, and anyone else who wants to learn computer science topics quickly — from beginner level all the way up to expert!

No matter what you’re looking for — whether it’s mastering new programming languages or studying data structures & algorithms — there are plenty of options available, and they are all covered in each of the subscription plans.

Plus, with interactive content that covers many other related subjects too, this makes an ideal resource if you want to enhance your skillset in no time!

How is Educative.io Platform Structured & What Does It Cover?

Educative.io structure

Educative.io has a range of topics from Java to Data Structures, all broken down into modules for different levels — beginner through advanced.

Each course includes lessons that help you understand the content, quizzes so you can test your knowledge and remember what you’ve learned better, playgrounds where creativity is encouraged and practice is the key, illustrations that make comprehension easier in new ways as well as code snippets to aid pseudocode writing later on.

For interview preparation, Educative.io offers individual courses covering Python, JavaScript, C++ , Java, Algorithms, System Design, Concurrency, Recursion, Data Structures, Ruby, etc.

And if you’re looking to improve your skillset, you’ll find options specifically tailored for beginners or experienced developers — including languages like Python, Javascript, Go, C++, React, Vue, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Firebase, Cloud, GraphQL, Bash, CSS, Reason, PHP, Perl, Functional Programming, R, Android Security, Software Testing, Kotlin, etc.

There’s also an engaging Course Challenge component with a built-in tester environment provided by the platform if interactive learning helps more than just reading!

Plus Edpresso — a Developers Lounge featuring short questions answered succinctly (and quick answers too!), making it perfect when coding assistance is needed.

Educative.io Features & Benefits

So now that you know more about Educative.io, let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the platform as well as the pros and cons down below:

  • Exciting Challenges & Coding Environment — You’ll get problem sets that are easily accessible through the built-in coding environment with a tester — no need for external setup!
  • Multiple Programming Languages — Select from plenty of languages, so you have a strong foundation across many disciplines required by recruiters today.
  • Solution Review + Pseudocode Explanation — Get clear on basics before applying for top companies; review pseudocodes and see how sharp your general understanding of the language is.
  • Step-by-step guidance — Take advantage of easy-to-understand text explanations, illustrations, and open-source code snippets to build your programming skills from the ground up without any prior coding or development knowledge.

Educative.io Pricing

Educative.io pricing

When it comes to pricing, Educative.io lets you choose from two high-level subscription options: For Enterprise or For Individuals.

Since you’re probably not interested in the enterprise option (though we will cover it later in this article), let’s proceed with the subscription packages for individuals.

Educative.io for individuals has two pricing tiers to choose from: monthly and annual.

The latter option is more cost-effective when looking at it month by month — $24.99 per month for the whole year ($299 in total) for the premium 1-year plan or $20.99 ($499 in total) for the premium 2-year plan (there’s also the standard plan that’s cheaper).

However, if you don’t want to go with annual plans, you could opt for the regular monthly payment of $59 every four weeks instead!

And, no matter what tier or plan you pick, each will include unlimited access to courses through their curriculum, completion certificates upon finishing each one, new content weekly, as well as regular updates on existing courses too!

The only thing that won’t be included is early access to new courses; it’s only available with yearly plans — something worth considering if your budget allows it!

Alternatively, there are individual modules available that can be purchased depending on what level of skill or knowledge you have about a certain topic.

Just select your preferred subject area and then decide how many topics/modules you would like assistance with — great choice for continuous learners who want help getting started or brushing up on specific technologies quickly & easily without breaking the bank either 🙂

Free Educative.io Courses

Free Educative.io courses

Educative offers plenty of free courses for beginners. From Java and Python to Ruby and beyond — there’s a range of resources available to help you get the skills you need in no time! Here are our top picks:

  1. Learn Java from Scratch
  2. Learn Scala from Scratch
  3. Learn Python 3 from Scratch
  4. Build Your Own Chatbot in Python
  5. Grokking the Behavioral Interview

Recently, Educative.io has also partnered with GitHub Education, and now it offers the Student Education Pack for students signing up with GitHub, which includes even more free courses.

Some of them are:

  • Full Speed Python
  • The Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript
  • Web Development: Unraveling HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Grokking Data Science
  • Docker for Developers

What is more, you will also receive 6 months of free access to 60+ intro and advanced developer courses hosted on Educative.

So, don’t miss your opportunity!

How is Educative.io Rated?

Educative.io ratings

Educative.io has earned a lot of positive reviews!

People love the option for coding interview preparation, saying it’s an amazing way to get ready for their interviews.

Plus, one subscription gives you access to all new content as soon as it comes out and keeps you up-to-date on tech trends too!

Many users preferred this platform over others because they found Educative courses helpful in understanding coding patterns and system design interviews better than other resources available online or offline.

On the flip side, some people think that certain topics are covered elsewhere more cheaply (or even for free!)

They also felt like those courses don’t really teach anything beyond what would be taught in college computer science classes since they provide less detail about subtle points, although many find this practical approach useful if they just want a quick introduction to something without going too deep into technicalities right away.

To make sure your money isn’t wasted when taking these courses, we recommend reading any relevant ratings beforehand so you know what level of knowledge each course or module provides before signing up for them!

Is It Worth Getting Educative.io Enterprise for a Business Owner?

Probably, all perpetual learners are members of different online education communities, and I’m no exception.

So I’ve recently decided to ask members of one of the communities (it is business education related) if they ever happen to use Educative.io for Enterprise, and if so, what’s their experience with Educative.io’s enterprise package — and here’s what I’ve found out.

  1. It turns out that this is the perfect way to quickly onboard & train teams, regardless of size.
  2. The platform is great for improving your team’s existing abilities.
  3. The way it’s structured allows everyone to quickly get to the essence of the subject or find the information needed.
  4. The platform is very intuitive, and your team can get accustomed to it very quickly.
  5. The interactive lessons combined with text-based experiences help staff learn more efficiently — saving money & time for business owners while making training much less tedious overall.
  6. With a free trial that Educative offers, you have a good amount of time to get feedback from your team and see if it benefits from the courses, and if not, you can always cancel your subscription and get the money back.

Educative.io Alternatives

If you’re hesitating about whether you need to try Educative.io and would like to first learn about other learning platforms similar to it, we’ve shortlisted some great Educative.io alternatives that offer courses in related fields:

  • Codeacademy is an educative platform perfect for web developers and programmers who want real-life projects that develop their in-demand skills — some of the courses are free!
  • Udacity offers online courses in data science, programming, business, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing; they focus on developing tech skills to prepare you for high-paying jobs with partner companies.
  • edX provides IT/computer science/data analytics lessons to over 100 million learners worldwide. They offer certificates as well as accredited degrees from top universities — many course options provide no tuition fees, too!


Yes, Educative provides certificates on each course completion.

Yes, you can cancel your Educative.io subscription. For that, just head to your subscription renewal page or alternatively contact the support team. 

Educative.io is an awesome way to learn one topic or many! Its subscription-based pricing options make it a great choice for skill development, and its interactive platform makes learning easy — even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the subject matter. Plus, there’s plenty of introductory material covering lots of topics that are available with your membership.

The monthly subscription will depend on the plan you choose. It can be as low as $14.99 per month for the 2-year annual Standard plan. 

Educative.io Review — Conclusion

Educative.io is the perfect platform for those wanting to upgrade their skillset and prepare for interviews.

You can buy individual course modules based on existing knowledge or purchase a subscription to access all resources on the site.

What sets Educative apart from competitors is its ability to run user code directly in your browser.

This makes coding interactive, making it easier than ever before for people with no prior knowledge of programming languages and technologies get up-to-speed quickly without any hassle at all!

With Educative’s streamlined approach, you will be able to spend more time exploring & learning rather than dealing with setup issues, which will make your life as an aspiring programmer much more comfortable.

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