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St.Vincent Masterclass Review 2024: Is It Good?



St. Vincent Masterclass

As one of the most influential artists of the contemporary music scene, St. Vincent has undeniably made her mark with her innovative approach to songwriting and performance. 

Renowned for her distinctive style that seamlessly blends rock, pop, and electronica, her masterclass has understandably sparked excitement among aspiring musicians and fans alike. 

In this comprehensive St. Vincent Masterclass review, we will delve into the course content, structure, and overall value proposition. 

Is it truly a worthwhile investment for those seeking to sharpen their musical skills and gain insight from a modern master?

Let’s find out.

Pros and Cons of This Masterclass


  • Amazing opportunity to learn from St. Vincent, an acclaimed musician and songwriter​​.
  • Actionable tips that will help you write more creatively​.
  • Annie (St. Vincent) is an incredible teacher — easy to follow and understand​​.
  • Really entertaining watch​​.
  • Merges guitar playing with songwriting in the teaching process​​.
  • Walks you through her process of writing “Savior” and goes over the chord progressions used​​.
  • Offers two classes specifically about guitar playing: one on tone/pedals and another on tunings and technique​​.


  • Very few assignments for further study​​.
  • One of the shorter MasterClass courses​​.
  • Slow to get started​​.
  • St. Vincent’s music style may not be everyone’s preference, but her teaching may still be valuable because of her talent and formal training.

St. Vincent Masterclass Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course includes 16 video modules that tackle a wide array of topics from songwriting and guitar tips & techniques to performance strategies. It’s like a backstage pass into the world of music production.
  • Hands-On Approach: St. Vincent isn’t just lecturing; she’s demonstrating. You’ll see her playing the guitar, creating chord progression, and building a song from scratch. It’s an intimate look into her creative process.
  • Interactive Assignments: The course isn’t just about listening and watching. You’ll get to do some hands-on work too. These assignments are designed to help you apply what you’ve learned and get your creative juices flowing.
  • Community Access: Enrolling in the Masterclass gives you access to an exclusive online community. It’s a space to interact with fellow learners, share your work, and get feedback. Who knows, you might even make some lifelong music buddies.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Got a smartphone, tablet, or computer? Then you can access the course. It’s designed to be flexible so you can learn at your own pace, on your own terms.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you sign up, the course is yours forever. You can revisit the lessons whenever you want, whether it’s for a refresher or to dig deeper into the material.
  • Learn from a Master: Last but certainly not least, you’re learning from St. Vincent herself. This is a rare opportunity to gain insights and learn techniques from a Grammy-winning artist.

Who Is St. Vincent a.k.a. Annie Clark?

St.Vincent with guitar

St. Vincent, born Annie Clark, is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. 

She’s a multi-talented artist who wears many hats – singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist — and she wears them all with panache. 

She’s best known for her distinctive blend of rock, pop, and electronica, which has led her to be hailed as one of the most innovative voices in contemporary music.

Annie Clark was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas. 

She cut her teeth in the music industry playing with The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens before launching her solo career as St. Vincent in 2007. 

Since then, she’s released multiple critically acclaimed albums, including “Marry Me,” “Actor,” “Strange Mercy,” “St. Vincent,” and “Masseduction.”

She’s not just critically acclaimed, though.

The lady has serious accolades to her name. 

We’re talking about a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album for her eponymous album “St. Vincent.” 

She was also the first solo female performer in 20 years to win a Grammy in that category.

But awards and recognition aside, what sets St. Vincent apart is her unique approach to music and performance

She’s known for her artistic and often theatrical performances, and her music challenges the norms and conventions of popular music.

All this makes her Masterclass an exciting prospect for anyone eager to explore the boundaries of their own musical creativity.

Exploring St. Vincent’s Creativity and Songwriting MasterClass

St. Vincent Teaches Creativity and Songwriting Masterclass is an immersive journey that provides you with tools to write your own music, add substance to your lyrics, and create new worlds using effects, quirky instruments, and more.

This online course is composed of 16 videos, totaling 2 hours and 18 minutes

It is perfectly tailored for someone who wants to write music that steps outside the norm.

It offers a sneak peek behind the process of music making, making it a remarkable opportunity to learn from a talented and respected musician. 

The course is impressively accessible to both novices and professionals and is well-balanced between being informative, entertaining, and approachable.

Now that we know a bit more about this course let’s take a closer look at some of its sections:

1. Meet Your Instructor

In the first section, you are introduced to the charismatic Annie Clark, who takes you on a tour of her creative process

This isn’t your typical class.

From the get-go, you are immersed in a montage of clips featuring her rocking an electric guitar at Coachella, receiving a Grammy award, and receiving praises from icons in the music industry. 

Annie promises to guide you through her creative process and shares performance tips, songwriting tips, and studio tips

She also provides an in-depth, step-by-step guide through her hit song “Savior.”

2. The Art of Being a Songwriter

The second section delves into the art of songwriting.

Here, Annie shows how joy and discipline can converge in your creative process. 

You are introduced to the concept of “active engagement” and “passive engagement” in creating. 

The former involves working hard and being busy, while the latter might look like staring into space, taking a shower, or just noodling around on the guitar. 

This section also highlights the importance of listening to learn.

Annie references iconic songs that have influenced her Grammy-winning songwriting and explains how you can critically listen to them to unpack what’s going on.

3. Roadmap to a Song — “Savior” Songwriting Demo

About St. Vincent Masterclass

In “Roadmap to a Song — ‘Savior’ Songwriting Demo,” St. Vincent goes into detail about the creation of her hit song “Savior.” 

She discusses how she used melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics to craft the track and shares the insights she gained from the process.

4. The Many Faces of St. Vincent

In “The Many Faces of St. Vincent,” St. Vincent delves into her image and persona as an artist

She discusses how she has created different “masks” or personas to explore different aspects of her creativity and to engage with her audience

This section provides a fascinating look into how an artist can evolve and change over time, and how these changes can influence their music and public image.

Seizing Opportunity

In the following sub-section, Annie shares anecdotes from her formative years, emphasizing the importance of seizing every opportunity

She discusses the extreme measures she took to get gigs in the early days, how she learned about musicians and producers as a child, the importance of “getting dirty” by doing tech jobs, learning how to roll cables correctly, and understanding technical language. 

You will also learn about her journey after dropping out of Berklee and moving to New York to “make it.”

Tuning In to the World Around You

This sub-section encourages you to take inspiration from the world around you

Annie talks about how she finds inspiration as a solo artist and also how she has been inspired by the iconic singer-songwriter David Byrne. 

This is a golden opportunity to learn how to embrace new ideas that may be challenging, understand how choreography can help you become even more true to yourself, and discover the sources that Annie draws from to write her hit songs.

Out of the Studio, Onto the Stage

This sub-section provides performance tips

As someone who has made numerous mistakes on stage, Annie is in a perfect position to guide you on what to do and what not to do during performances.

St. Vincent’s MasterClass on Creativity and Songwriting is a treasure trove of insights, tips, and lessons. 

It goes beyond songwriting and delves into the practical aspects of being a musician, such as dealing with fear, shame, and self-doubt, and even provides tips on how to get started on a budget.

5. Notes on Guitar

The final section, “Notes on Guitar,” provides an in-depth exploration of St. Vincent’s approach to the guitar

She discusses how she uses the instrument as a tool for songwriting and how she integrates it into her performances. 

This section provides a wealth of practical advice and guidance for guitarists of all levels, from beginners to experienced players.

Course Bonuses

In addition to these five key sections, the MasterClass also includes a number of additional features to enhance the learning experience. 

This includes a 22-page workbook that accompanies the video lessons, providing additional information and exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned. 

There’s also access to the St. Vincent MasterClass forum, where you can discuss the course material with other students, share your work, and receive feedback, encouragement, and suggestions.

Whether you’re a fan of St. Vincent’s music or a budding musician looking to develop your own songwriting skills, this MasterClass offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative and respected musicians of our time. 

If you’re ready to step outside the norm and explore new creative possibilities, this MasterClass could be the perfect fit for you.

The Aspects That Make St. Vincent’s MasterClass Stand Out

Annie Clark, popularly known as St. Vincent, brings a unique perspective to her MasterClass, making it truly stand out.

Unlike traditional music courses that emphasize music theory, St. Vincent stresses the importance of listening well, stating that it’s a language that describes what you’re thinking​.

Her MasterClass is an authentic and vulnerable journey into her creative process.

She shares insightful tips on songwriting, revealing how to infuse lyrics with tension and release, leaving enough ambiguity for listeners to craft their own stories​.

She dives into her archives, allowing students to hear the evolution of her song “Savior” from its early sketches to its final form​.

St. Vincent also guides students through her unique approach to bedroom composing, demonstrating what can be achieved with a modest home setup.

She shares practical tips for those on a budget, such as how to make a whole album at home and the essentials for setting up a bedroom studio​.

But the MasterClass isn’t limited to songwriting and home recording.

It delves into the emotional side of being a musician, the importance of developing your unique sound, and how to communicate your vision with studio engineers​​.

Moreover, St. Vincent shares her journey, offering valuable advice on seizing opportunities, embracing new ideas, and drawing inspiration from the world around us.

She ends her MasterClass with a glimpse into her stage performances, providing a comprehensive overview of her creative process​.

In essence, St. Vincent’s MasterClass stands out for its realness, depth, and candid exploration of the artistic journey.

It’s not just a class – it’s an invitation into the mind and process of one of the most innovative musicians of our time.

How This Masterclass Could Be Improved

St. Vincent’s MasterClass is lauded for its deep dives into songwriting, production, and performance.

However, there are areas where the course could be enhanced:

Course doesn’t explore the business side of music

In my personal opinion, a significant omission is that St. Vincent doesn’t delve into the business side of music

Aspiring musicians could benefit from her sharing her experiences, and lessons learned navigating the music industry, particularly since she has built a successful career over the past decade​.

More digital audio workstations could be covered

While St. Vincent does an exceptional job explaining the technical aspects of music production, she focuses on GarageBand and Logic Pro.

Expanding the scope to cover other popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, or FL Studio would be useful for many aspiring musicians who might not use GarageBand or Logic Pro.

Annie doesn’t discuss how to create award-winning music

In addition, although St. Vincent is known for her Grammy-winning work, she doesn’t delve into the specifics of what it takes to create award-winning music.

Discussing the elements and thought process behind her work could provide invaluable insight for students.

Would like to see a section dedicated to setbacks

A section on dealing with failures and setbacks in the industry would be advantageous

In the music business, setbacks are inevitable, and St. Vincent’s perspective and advice on handling such situations could be inspiring and helpful for many.

Lessons could be structured a bit better

Finally, while St. Vincent’s personal anecdotes and insights add a unique touch to the class, more structured and clear instruction could make the class more beneficial, especially for beginners. 

By offering more structured lessons with clear objectives and takeaways, the class could cater to a wider range of learning styles and experience levels.

Who’s St. Vincent Masterclass Best for?

If you have a creative soul and a passion for penning down music that’s unique and pushes the boundaries, the St. Vincent Masterclass is your perfect playground. 

This course is a goldmine for those who love to experiment with their songwriting and dare to step outside the norms of conventional music.

But it’s not just for the creators; it’s also a fantastic opportunity for music aficionados

If you’ve ever been curious about the behind-the-scenes of music production or the creative process of an award-winning artist, this Masterclass allows you to peek behind the curtain and experience the magic firsthand.

However, this Masterclass might not be the best fit for those looking for a comprehensive, A-to-Z guide on songwriting. 

While it offers a plethora of insights and unique perspectives, it doesn’t follow a traditional songwriting curriculum

So, if you’re after a more structured approach to learning songwriting process, you might want to explore other courses.​

St. Vincent Masterclass Cost

St. Vincent Masterclass pricing page

MasterClass’ pricing structures can fluctuate, so I’d encourage you to take a look at their pricing page for the most up-to-date details. 

As of today, MasterClass provides three annual subscription plans:

  • The Individual plan costs $10 per month, totaling $120 when billed annually. 
  • The Duo plan is priced at $15 per month, amounting to $180 when billed annually. 
  • Lastly, the Family plan is $20 per month, adding up to $240 when billed annually. 

Each plan provides different levels of access and usage, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their learning needs and budget. 

The subscription unlocks access to the over 80 comprehensive courses available on MasterClass until it’s cancelled. 

If you’ve got your eyes on a few courses, the value you receive is truly worth the investment. 

To break it down, if you discover 3-6 courses that catch your interest, you’re essentially paying $30-$40 per course

Considering these courses are led by leading figures in their respective fields, you can’t deny the exceptional value they bring.

Furthermore, if your MasterClass experience doesn’t meet your expectations, they offer a 30-day refund policy.

So you can embark on your educational journey with peace of mind.

Other Creative Masterclass Courses

MasterClass offers an array of courses taught by experts in their respective fields, especially in the creative arts. 

Here are a few examples:

  1. David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film: Acclaimed director and screenwriter David Lynch shares his approach to filmmaking, from ideas and storytelling to working with actors and creating a unique cinematic language.
  2. Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring: Renowned composer Hans Zimmer offers insights into his process for creating memorable film scores, discussing topics like theme development, collaboration with directors, and the use of technology in music production.
  3. Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography: Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz provides valuable tips on how to create meaningful, compelling photographs, covering everything from working with subjects to editing and post-production.
  4. Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking: One of the most influential directors in the history of cinema, Martin Scorsese delves into his approach to filmmaking, teaching storytelling, editing, and working with actors.
  5. Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting: Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin shares his craft of storytelling, character development, and scriptwriting for television and film.
  6. Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing: The author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” shares her approach to fiction writing, covering topics like character development, narrative structure, and the use of metaphor.
  7. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking: This course provides insights into the techniques and philosophy of one of the world’s most famous chefs, from basic knife skills to the preparation of signature dishes.

These courses provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from masters in their fields, offering insights and techniques that can help you develop your creative abilities and understanding.

Is The Course Content Unique?

A common issue with courses taught by celebrities is that they often repeat content from their numerous interviews and tutorials, resulting in a lack of originality.

However, St. Vincent’s MasterClass stands out from this trend. 

While it does contain some anecdotal elements that she has shared in interviews, the course offers an unparalleled depth of knowledge through its case studies and practical lessons

Moreover, fans have long yearned to hear her early compositions, a wish that was always deemed impossible to fulfill. 

Yet, in this MasterClass, St. Vincent breaks the mold by extensively sharing her early work, providing a truly unique learning experience.

What Do Reddit Users Say About St. Vincent Masterclass?

Reddit users’ comments about St. Vincent’s Masterclass reveal a variety of opinions. 

Some comments highlight the anticipation and interest that users have for the course, even if they are not songwriters themselves, indicating that they see value in the course’s content and are looking forward to taking it​.

St. Vincent Masterclass Reddit comment 1

Specific elements of the course are also discussed. 

One user noted that although the course primarily focuses on songwriting and creativity, St. Vincent (Annie Clark) also talks about guitar playing and how it merges with songwriting

She walks viewers through her process of writing “Savior” and goes over the chord progressions used. 

The course also includes classes specifically about guitar playing, one focusing on tone/pedals and another on tunings and technique​.

There is also an appreciation for St. Vincent’s skill and knowledge, even among those who might not be fans of her recent music

Redditors highlight St. Vincent’s talent and formal training, suggesting that the course could be valuable regardless of personal musical preferences​.

St. Vincent Masterclass Reddit comment 2

However, some users expressed disappointment that the Masterclass is a paid service​.

Overall, the comments suggest that Reddit users see the Masterclass as a potentially valuable resource for learning about songwriting, guitar playing, and creativity from a recognized and accomplished musician.


Annie Clark, also known professionally as St. Vincent, was born on September 28, 1982, so she is 40 years old as of May 2023.

Yes, St. Vincent (Annie Clark) is highly regarded for her guitar skills. She’s known for her unique playing style and has even had a signature guitar designed in collaboration with the music company Ernie Ball.

St. Vincent’s MasterClass consists of 16 lessons and runs for a total of 2 hours and 18 minutes​​.

Yes, you can get a refund for St. Vincent’s MasterClass. MasterClass operates a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied, you’re entitled to a refund within the first 30 days of purchase​.

Yes, you can buy St. Vincent’s Masterclass alone by using the “gift” option. The cost of this standalone option is typically $90.

Songwriting Masterclass: Conclusion

In conclusion, St. Vincent’s MasterClass is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in exploring the depths of their musical creativity. 

This course offers a unique opportunity to learn from a renown artist, providing insights into her creative process, songwriting techniques, and performance strategies. 

It’s not just a course — it’s an immersive experience that allows you to delve into the mind of a creative genius.

While it may not follow a traditional songwriting curriculum, the course’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses.

Its realness, depth, and candid exploration of the artistic journey make it a standout offering in the realm of online music courses. 

Whether you’re a fan of St. Vincent’s music, a budding musician looking to develop your own songwriting skills, or simply a music aficionado curious about the behind-the-scenes of music production, this MasterClass offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the most innovative and respected musicians of our time.

Therefore, if you’re ready to step outside the norm and explore new creative possibilities, St. Vincent’s MasterClass is definitely worth considering. 

The value of this MasterClass, like any educational experience, will largely depend on what you bring to it and what you hope to get out of it.

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