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Our mission is to empower you in discovering, evaluating, and choosing the ideal online learning platform or course that aligns with your objectives, interests, and budget.

We are committed to delivering genuine, insightful reviews crafted by our knowledgeable team, ensuring an informed decision-making process for your online learning journey.

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Our Team

Abigail Hoffman

Founder, Senior E-Learning Platform Reviewer & Editor

Abigail Hoffman is a proud geek and lifelong learner with an unwavering passion for technology, science fiction, and all things nerdy.

As an advocate for accessible education, Ab has dedicated herself to reviewing online educational platforms, using her keen eye for detail and in-depth knowledge of the digital landscape to provide invaluable insights to fellow knowledge-seekers.

Her genuine enthusiasm for learning and her commitment to empowering others through education have made her a trusted voice in the e-learning community.

When she’s not diving into the latest online courses or researching new platforms, Abigail can be found attending comic conventions, engaging in spirited debates about her favorite sci-fi series, or exploring the latest tech gadgets to enhance her own learning experience.

Alex Vorobiov

Senior Technical Writer & Editor

Alex Vorobiov is a skilled data scientist and Python programmer with a passion for empowering others through education.

With a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics, Alex has honed his expertise in analyzing complex data sets and developing innovative solutions for various industries.

His proficiency in Python programming has allowed him to create efficient, user-friendly tools that enhance data-driven decision-making processes.

Beyond his technical prowess, Alex is an ardent supporter of online education, leveraging his knowledge and experience to review and recommend the best educational platforms for fellow learners.

Jack Thompson

Ken Bates


Ken Bates is a passionate sports enthusiast and lifelong learner with an insatiable curiosity for both arenas.

As a seasoned writer, Ken has been contributing captivating articles about various sports disciplines for over a decade, capturing the essence of each game and inspiring his readers to engage with their favorite teams and athletes.

Simultaneously, Ken is an avid advocate of online education, leveraging his expertise to review and recommend the best digital platforms for fellow knowledge-seekers.

His insightful evaluations have helped countless learners find the perfect educational resources tailored to their unique needs.

When Ken isn’t busy writing or researching, you can find him cheering on his favorite teams or exploring new courses to broaden his intellectual horizons.

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